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Terms and Conditions

  • Terms:

We define the meanings of the every capitalized word:

“Agreement” is the word used for the completed application form attached here that included the content of terms and conditions. All these terms are used here that are legally required agreement between you/user and Ghareli.com on the subject of the using website www.ghareli.com and various services offered by Ghareli including the delivery of content via internet connecting device like mobile, tablet, PC etc.

By accessing the website its services or/and clicking the “I agree”, you agree to be clearly bound by these conditions. You hereby characterize and confirm to the company that you are at least 18 years or more than that of age are capable of inflowing and compatible to these terms and conditions and you are to be bound by following conditions. If you are under the age of 18, you may utilize the service only under the guidance of your parents/legal guardians, or through their registered account. You agree to register first for uploading any kind of content or/and comment or any other services or use of this site and give your details like name, age, email-ID, number, residential address, contact details etc.

“You” or “User” or “Users” means any person/people who avails or access the site ghareli.com for the purpose of uploading information or displaying, transacting, sharing, publishing, hosting and other persons equally participating in using the site.

“Company” is defined as ghareli.com an existing under the Company Act 1956 that established at 106, First floor, Aditya Plaza-II Opp. Metro pillar No. 190. Kaushambi, near wave cinema, Ghaziabad, U.P.

“Date of Commencement”: It is a date when candidate accepts the application for its services. The company will specify in its notice that sends to the user through emails.

“Date of Termination”: It is a date when your registration expires that mention in the letter of the termination or notice.

“My Subscriptions”: It contains the daily basis updated information and description of the services for the subscribers by the company in written form.

“Registration Data”: It includes all the individual’s information given by the user on subscription and initial application like name, contact number, mailing address, email ID, account etc. without any limitation.

Some words use on the site like masculine that includes feminine and singular include the plural and reverse; also for persons include individuals, bodies corporate or unincorporated.

“Services”: service is the main word used by any company that includes all kind of help or assistance and products provided by it.

Also, include the provision of other facilities:

-Users post their profile for the purpose of rental/sales of their property and also listing the property services.

-Users who want to secure their property through ghareli.com and other online links.

-Users who want to put a print advertisement in the group publishing house through ghareli.com.

-Users want to insert their advertisements at ghareli.com.

-Users want to receive the advertisement and promotional messages on ghareli.com through the emails and phone number.

Ghareli.com”: It defines as a website of the company with URL- www.ghareli.com.

“User”: This word is defined as an individual, person or corporate subscriber for the services and the participatory; those particulars are included in the application form on the behalf of his assignees or successors.

2-Commencement of Service

This service will be held to have started on the Date of Commencement of service.

3-Subscription Fees

The rate of subscription fees for the services mentioned in the page of “My Subscriptions” it is set by the company and update also from time to time. The legal responsibility for the fees for subscription will add from the Date of Commencement.

All personnel users who post the information or access at ghareli.com for the purpose of buying or selling the property will be let off from the application of this clause.


The payment of subscription fees will be payable at or under the due date as declared in the invoice(s) that issued by the company to the user.

The subscription fee will be paid by the user on demand. In case the user cannot pay the same for any cause, he will make payment for the subscription fees accumulate subject to the decision of the company for the delay. In that case, the company’s deciding the dispute in favor of user, the company will refund to the user that already paid by the user (any excess amount).

Under this agreement, if the users delay for making payment, the company will have the right to charge interest on the due amount that calculated from the day of the payment until the date of final payment by the user.


The company reserves the exclusive right to cancel any kind of content either published or reflected on the website or in another mode. The cancellation charges paid by the company as per the rates reflect the cancellation and refund policy.

For the platinum listed packages, there will be no refund or cancellation of payments made via online except in the case of cheque and demand draft or orders booked.

6-Obligations of User/Subscriber

The authenticity of the registration Data provided by the company on the primary application for the service will be the only responsibility of the user.

The users agree that any information entered here will be subject to compulsory verification process by ghareli.com.

Any permits, licenses, approvals, consents and logical property or other rights that required for using the service will be found by the user at its own cost.

The user will ensure about the confirmation with all instructions or notice offered by the company from the regular time frame that permits the use of service.

The users agree and understand that those are responsible for all applicable taxes for each cost that is received in using the ghareli.com service.

The users will be only responsible for the information fetched, stored or transmitted through the service by him.

The users can keep the personnel data confidential/not disclosed to any other person such as user identification, password and all other activities performed by the user through the identification.

The user will instantly advise the company of any unofficial use of the user’s account or any other infringes of security recognize to the user.

The users will quickly make the payment to the company for the subscription fees it becomes payable.

The users will be responsible for all kind of configuration or setup of the hardware for using all services provided by the company.

Ghareli.com in its exclusive prudence will reserve the rights to update, edit, alter or modify the content.

Users agree that the online ads placed with ghareli.com will be reflected after 48 hours. The user agrees to the specified 48 hours processing.

The users will underwrite ghareli.com for any kind of action or claim made or committed by any third party resulting from the information posted on the site by user or anyone else behalf of him.

Ghareli.com does not accept any responsibility for the date insert on the site. The users who entered the information are fully responsible for any wrong information and be liable for all the action taken by the third party (civil/criminal).

Ghareli.com will Endeavor to use the best diligence practice of removing the wrong information entered and commences to withdraw all such data within 24 hours when receipt such kind of complaint. All complaint should be sending through the email at info@ghareli.com or suggested by the phone at +91-9818839191.

The user agrees that any information entered here will be saved and commercially used by ghareli.com.

The users agree to underwrite from any kind of wrong entry and all other data entered into the website is real and correct that belongs exclusively to the user, not to any third party.

7-Prohibited Actions

Users are bounded from allowing anyone other than the authorized one named in the application form to use the services.

The users agree not to resell or assign their rights responsibilities under these Term & Conditions. Users also agree not to use this service in any unauthorized commercial way.

The users will use the services only for the purpose for which it’s subscribed.

The users will fulfill all the applicable laws of India relating to the services including regulation made an agreement to it.

The users will not be permitted to print, download, copy, delete or amend or other use for the personal purpose, the information posted by the user on ghareli.com or information posted by the user himself.

The users can share the services to any other one without taking written approval of the company.

The users will not use the services for any illegal purpose that include every kind of crime listed on the constitution.

The services will not be used to for sending or receiving any kind of message like, abusive, political, obscene, defamatory, indecent, offensive on moral, racial or religious or menacing nature.

The users will be restricted if they continually send the messages or post on ghareli.com to any other user who access the site without any suitable reason, for causing any risk/harassment/anxiety/annoyance or any other inconvenience caused by any person.

The users will not disobey on any intellectual property rights of anyone or/and keep information in any system or with a purpose to do so.

The users will give out to the company worldwide, single, incapable, royalty-free, irreversible, sub-license of multiple tiers, rights to apply all publicity rights and copyright in any existing/future media, known/ unknown, over the material or displayed data by users in the listing. The purpose of this agreement “user data” that include all information submitted by the user to ghareli.com with exclusion of trading the information like account details, credit card numbers, ID, Passwords etc. ‘Individually Identifiable User Data’ will mean, it is a subset of ‘User Data’ that can be logically used to recognize the specific individual like name, address, phone number etc. the User Data will be held as a property of ghareli.com. The users will take all realistic exertions to make sure that it is complete and accurate and not misguiding in any way.

Users agree that they will not use other’s information rather than as necessary to complete any transactions that you are made.

The user will not violate/attempt to violate the safety of ghareli.com and/or any other website linked to ghareli.com or gain wildcat access any data regarded as private by other users or persons that consist of but unlimited accessing of data and information not projected for them or logging into the server/account which the unauthorized user cannot access, trying to examine, scan or test the susceptibility of the system/authentication/network/attempting to breach security. The user will be restricted to introduce/ transmit any software or information/post that include a virus, harmful components or worm into the internet or ghareli.com network system.

In the event that the user obligations among any of those above mentioned compacts, the company will have the rights to remove any content relating to the violations. Ghareli.com reserves the one-sided rights to suspend/deactivate the account of the user on ghareli.com, its services, and any other facilities in case of any violations. In addition to the right to insurance cover to the company, the company will have the right to any legal things, besides the user to pick up the loss suffered by the company /harm caused to company’s reputation due to the violation by users.

The users will use the services on ghareli.com or any related website for the legal purpose. Transmission, distribution, storage of material, violation behavior any applied local, state, central or foreign law rules and regulation is prohibited. It consists of the unlimited unauthorized use of material protected by copyright/patent/trademark/obscene content/ intellectual property right/offensive/unfounded/makes the illegal threat/break the rules, rights of publicity or privacy/break export control laws. The users can use the data on the site only to the required amount to make possible the related transactions.

The company powerfully opposed spam that floods the internet with unwanted emails and deteriorates the performance & availability of site ghareli.com. All kind of spam or related activities that have the effect of helping spam is strictly banned.

The company also restricts the use of different internet services to send/post spam to drive visitors on ghareli.com site, whether the message was originated or not by the user, under your guidance or any related third party.


Users agree that they will not host/upload/display/publish/transmit/modify or share any information on ghareli.com.

Belongs to the third party and which you don’t have any rights to; harassing, obscene, hateful, disparaging, blasphemous defamatory, hateful, ethnically, disparaging, any kind of gambling/money laundering or any illegal manner.

Harmful for minors; infringes any trademark, copyright, patent, proprietary rights or break any law if the situation demanded.

Any kind of misleading about the source of the messages or any kind of communicative information that is completely illegal or threatening in nature.

Duplicate another one; include the viruses in the software or any other codes, programs for interruption or files on the computer to destroy or the limited functionality of any resources.

Infringes the security, integrity, unity, defense, friendly relation with foreign state or sovereignty of India with foreign states, public orders, cause of provoked to the commission of any knowable crime/prevent investigation of any offense or insulting other nation.

Any kind of material/comment/information posted by user/you on the website that is non-manageable with the guidelines of Information Technology Act 2000 and its rules & regulations, user made the agreement and policies as amended/acted out time to time for using or accessing the companies services. Ghareli.com has rights to instantly terminate the access or rights of the users for using the site, disable/remove all the information including the non-following information. The company has reserved the rights to take the route to such amends as would be accessible to the company under all rules and regulations.

8-Security & Privacy

The company is liable to protect your security like user ID and password, users will take such authority as may be needy including the changing of his password from time to time and not disclose the same to others. User ID is required to access the service of the company; so the user will only use its own identification only. The users are agreed that they don’t have rights to any mailbox number/and the user ID/circuit reference/any code given by the company. The user further agrees that the company reserves the rights to change/remove the same to the user as its single prudence without being responsible to the user for any kind of damages/relief/other consequences.

If the event of loss/theft the user ID/password/security question user will inform the company as soon as possible by phone/immediately provide the written notice to the company for the effective process. The user will remain legally responsible for using this service by any other person until the notified for theft or loss from the user.

The username/password being made accessible to the customer, which will be used only the company named by the employee of the organization and customers also. The users will responsible for all required precautions to prevent any unauthorized access /leakage of ID or password provided by the company.

The users will not use any kind of software that automatically downloaded/fetches/complete or partial listing from ghareli.com records without pre-permission from the company in the writing.


The company reserves all rights to deactivate or suspend the user’s access without assigning any reason/time or its services. Without any notice company can upgrade/testing/system maintenance/repair and other related work. The users agree that the company will not be responsible for any loss/expense/damage/cost that the users may loss/gain, no fees/charges paid by the user to the company. The company will be deducted or rebated or refunded as a result of such suspension/deactivation.


Under this section, users agree that the agreement may terminate by giving 30 days pre-notice in writing. It will be on the prudence of the company that the pre-notice of 30 days may be forfeited or a written shorter notice may be accepted from the user side. Though, the company regardless of clause first and second above may terminate this agreement with instant effect without pre-notice to the user or assign any reason.

a-    If the company’s opinion, users have offended any of the terms and conditions of the agreement.

b-    If the company’s opinion and/or any regulating authority, which is not in public interest to continue offering the services to the user for any cause.

c-    If the user is declared as a bankrupt/enters into any concession or agreement with its creditors and further move broadly for all other rights.

11-Liabilities upon Termination

If the agreement is terminated without discrimination to any other amends available to the company, the user will be responsible for paying the subscription fee until the termination date.

The payable amount for termination to the company by the user will be under 30 days of relevant termination date.

12- Suspension of Service

If any payment of the company is not done by the user within a due date, the company has full rights to suspend all the services without any pre-notice.

When the subscribed service is suspended it will be held to be terminated, the date will be fixed by the company and user will responsible for all the fees/charges generate up to the date.

Upon consecutive payment done by the user to the company, the company may reconnect the services with following all the terms and conditions in a proper way.

13- Money back Policy

Money-back is a user-friendly option on the website that can be initiated by users using the feedback link on ghareli.com or writing a mail to moneyback@ghareli.com or contact the customer care number. If users are not satisfied with the companies response against the posts using the money-back policy offered by the company.

For claiming the money back, you should be at least posted one property using the package.

Users will be offered an extension of the time for the listing that was posted free of cost under the money back the package to estimate reactions again. Moneyback is initiated for a lifetime of the listing and initiated against the same Order ID and customer name in the booking of the order. Refund will be processed in the same name. Your ordered were paid through online mode of payment, so the refund will be processed after deduction the payment gateway charges. Refund will be processed under 30 working days from receipt the related documents.

14- Violation of Terms & Conditions

If the company has the rights to decide that the violation of terms and conditions or any its legal remedies, immediate deletion of any illegal content from its site or cancel the account, termination of any user who violated any term & conditions. The company could also chase violators with claims that they have violated the criminal or civil laws that applicable under the relevant rules or Acts of the land.

Ghareli.com will assist with any investigation by central/ state/ local body/court/tribunal having the capability to carry out the same. Such assistance may be without pre-notice to the user. The company believes that any kind of advertisement or services may create responsibility for the company; it may take any action that necessary to minimize or eliminate potential responsibility including the release of user’s data. Company reserves the right to reject the services at any time for any reason to anyone or remove listing or ads without any pre-notice

15- Disclaimer

Disclaimer of Warranties: The Users will agree to use the services at the user’s only risk. The services are provided on the availability basis. The company clearly disclaims all kind of warranties whether implied or expressed. The company has no warranty when the services will match the user’s requirements that it will be uninterrupted/error free/secure/timely; ghareli.com has not made any warranty to the results that may be found from the use of the service as to the reliability and accuracy of any kind of data from the services. Cancellation or any kind of changes will be effected only when to receipt the written application about the same.

Ghareli.com is not responsible for misrepresentation/quality/responsibility or other issues arising from the third party service providers beyond the ghareli.com.

If the third party will buy or sell through the ghareli.com then the company will take full responsibility to deal with them with respective vendors at own responsibility or risk. The company will not be responsible for any information of user’s account/error/inaccuracy/deletion regarding the disclosed information. Additionally, the company will not responsible for any damages or loss continued by reason of this disclosure, either deliberately or accidently.

If any loss of the data, due to any reason, either result of any trouble in service/ suspension or termination the company will not be responsible anyway for the same. The company is not responsible for the quality/accuracy/information available or received/transmitted through the services.

All the data are accepted in good trust and company accept no reliability, so regarding the authenticity of the user nor can any interviews be approved/messages entered into any advertisement published.

The users will ensure to use the services of all existing and valid rules, regulations, laws, directly, indirectly for the use of the system. The company will not be responsible in any manner whatever for default of any nature concerning the same by users.

The company does not warrant that ghareli.com or another website linked to ghareli.com is free of any operational errors/hazards that will be free of any kind of harmful components, viruses or worms.

The company is not responsible for work out of any kind of supervisory, perspective control/amend/edit any kind of content either e-mails or posted/inserted/transmitted information to the third party through ghareli.com and the user recognizes the same. The users agree and know that the company has complete caution to reject/postpone/delete/terminate/amend/any content/information/data posted in the sole opinion of the company to fulfill with the popular and legal framework/ethical duties or responsibilities as located on the company and arranging it to avoid conflicting any third party’s rights/other standards/rules/code of practices that may be applicable to the content posted on ghareli.com.

Ghareli is not involved in any kind of transaction between the other parties on the ghareli.com. The risk is available here when the users dealing with the people who might be false. The website is a platform only, doesn’t have any kind of censor power or control the listing provided by the users and control is on user’s hand. The company is not able to control the behavior of the players at the website.

The users agree to take responsibility for any kind of transactions on the ghareli.com with other parties. If any kind of dispute arises between the users/participants at ghareli.com, the company will not involve in such dispute. The users will undertake not to make any demand/claim for damages/loss/natural /known /unknown/suspected/unsuspected/disclosed/undisclosed, arising any such dispute related to services against the company, it employees/agents/successors.


The users agree that any information/data/content/goods/services gained through this website as it’s done at user’s own risk/discretion that user will be responsible for any kind of damage/cost/effects from any transaction. The company is not provided any advice/information either oral or written to the user through/from the services for creating any warranty stated here.

In case the users want to go for a site visit to the property, she/he interested, it will be only responsibility/duty of the advertiser for these kinds of site visits. The company will not be responsible in any way for any liability/cost rising out of the site visits, in case partial or non-fulfillment by advertisers.

Under this agreement, the company will be liable (a limited amount of total fees or charges paid by the user on the site) giving rise to the incident immediately within two months for the relevant claim. This website is helpless to viruses, data corruption, prevention, tampering, delivery errors and not accepting any kind of liability for any consequences that can be arising from it.

The platinum listing means the time period of two weeks when the order is activated, the company will not responsible for any delay that arises from the user’s exchange of their property listing in the platinum list resultant, the platinum listing is not being presented for the entire duration of two weeks. Under this package, you cannot be reimbursed, adjusted or transferred.

The company will not be liable for suggestions, advice or views provided by the experts. The information listed here is used only as a reference. Before trusting of any such pieces of advice please do the self-evaluation according to needs and specific parameters that have in your mind. Ghareli.com will not be responsible for any such claims that arising out to use any information displayed here.

16- Limitation of Liability

The users agree that neither Ghareli nor its related companies, employee, directors will be liable for any incidental/special/direct/indirect/consequential exemplary damages, resulting from the utilize or incapacity to use the service and for cost of secure of alternative goods and services or resulting from any information, data, goods and services purchased, found, messages received or transactions acceded into through/from services or any unauthorized access/modification of user’s data or transmissions arising from any other substance relating to these services that consist of limitless compensation for loss of profits/uses/data or any other intangible, yet if the company notified the possibility of these kinds of damages.

Users also agree that the company will not be responsible for any compensation arising from the interruption/delay or termination of the services. The company will not be responsible to the users/anyone/for statements/services conducted by the third party. In addition, the company will not wear the user’s total damages/losses because the cause of actions increases the charges paid by the users to the company if any, connected to the cause of action.

The company will not take any responsibility for non-fulfilled or shortage of the services or any other technical failure of the site or manufacturing/otherwise the user agrees in these situations that he/she will not claim any right/relief/damages etc. against to the company for deficiency of the services under the Consumer Protection Act or any other related Act/Rules, etc.

The company will not be responsible for any charges/cost/expenses occurred due to the downloading fee by third party/ISP connection cost, airtime etc. that completely wear by the user.

The company will not be liable for any kind of faults, malfunctioning of the mobile apps or any other damages/losses/direct/indirect arise when to use the mobile applications.

17- Data Supplied/ Use of Information

Here, the users agree and for all time authorize that ghareli.com has reserved the rights:

The information/data posted by the users, use for the company’s own purpose and pass on the information to any other connected companies or third parties.

Maintain all the information/data provided by the user while using the service to maintain at ghareli.com for the special use of the company in agreement with the users of the service without any termination of the agreement/suspension of the services.

Something opposing to the above, except especially in writing, following the suspension/termination of the services to the users, this type of information and data will remain the companies’ private property such as database/records.

If users enter their mobile numbers at Ghareli.com during the registering/creating the account/receiving alerts/contacts of property buyers/sellers, user gives permission to the company and its vendors/partners/sub-vendor/sub-partners to send alerts, contact information, promotional SMS & calls to the number that entered by the users. If the users don’t want to receive all these messages on their mobile numbers, they must not be submitting their number on ghareli.com.

18- Indemnity

Users agree to indemnify and hold ghareli.com, its underlings, affiliates, employee, agents, officers and other partners, risk free from any losses, responsibility, demand, claim including affordable attorney’s fees payment, done by the third party due to increasing the use of the services at ghareli.com in infringement of this agreement/arising from a violate of any of the terms of this agreement. Any infringe of your warranties and representations that listed the above.

19- Confidentiality

Confidential information includes the all kind of financial, commercial, operational, technical, management, staff and other data/information relating to the project and the party (connects to the company) or group of members/companies (products, services, customers, database, assets, suppliers, sellers or employee) that may be offer or come into ownership to receiving party who get the written or any other form of confidential that disclosed or express any other party or its associates. It is not normally accessible to the public.

The receiving party agreed not to disclose these confidential or any part of it to any third party except other receiving associates, if necessary then take permission in written from the disclosing party. The receiving party agrees to get all probable safety measures for protecting the confidential information from other party and make sure that all associates to whom that disclosed is done according to the terms of this agreement, when each of them a member of this agreement and if necessary get a written statement from each of it associates/employee can have access such proprietary data responsibility to support the confidentiality conditions. All these kind of information will keep secret/ separate and exclusive and at the standard place of the business of receiving the party.Additional no use duplicity, storage, transformation of the Proprietary Information will be made by the users without pre-written permission of the company, except the necessary to be exposed consistency to any valid law or legal procedure issued by any regulatory body/court’s rules and regulations.

On the time of termination of this agreement, the receiving party will deliver back all its original data, documents, records and other material to the disclosing party, control or custody of the receiving party that tolerates or include any part of the information of proprietary. The duty of privacy and security set out in this agreement will keep on being in obliging in spite of termination for any reason.

All data and information were given by the users will become the property of the company. The user can only access only own information and data at ghareli.com and user can amend, edit such information time to time.

All the credential information posted by the user is done at its own risk if such information theft by the third party for misuse. Such actions are beyond the liability and control of the company and not taking any kind of responsibility for such actions.

20- Variation

The rights to modify change or variations in the terms and conditions that included here in the Services Guide at any time completely reminds with the company upon notice to the user. This agreement will be updated periodically and changed the terms and conditions time to time and posted at ghareli.com. The users should see the latest terms and conditions time to time and use the service constitutes an acknowledgment and affirmation of the updated terms and conditions.

21- Modification or Discontinuation of Services

Ghareli.com has reserved all rights to add/remove/change/delete or ends the services at any time with or without any pre-notice to the users. The users who paid for services will receive the refund for remaining unused period. There will be no liability of the company to the user or third party in case of any discontinuity or modifications in the services.


All notice will be in written form in English language I) Sent to the user at provided address on application form. II) Sent to the company at the address offered in the written form for notice purpose. All invoice, payment, other financial information will be sent to the financial department, legal notice sent to the legal department and other correspondence will be sent to the account manager of the company. The notice will be held agreed to the receipt when delivered/received with the written verification/acknowledgment of receipt from same day courier and upon verification of certified mail or registered receipt. All kind of notices from the company that includes the changes to terms and conditions of other content related to ghareli.com will be done by showing it to users on the service.

Grievance/Complaints Redressal

Any kind of complaints, abusive statement or concerns with considers commenting, content or infringe of these terms will be instantly informed to the Grievance Officer as given address/ID in writing through the mail with the electronic signature to grievance@ghareli.com.

Name of Grievance Officer:


Email ID:

Phone Number:

We please to request you to mention the following details in your complaint:

  1. The signature of the person either electronic or physical shows the authorization on behalf of the copyright owner for the purpose of the complaint.
  2. Recognition of the copyrighted work claimed to have been breached.
  3. Identification of the content on you site, that is claimed to be offending or to be the subject of offending activity.
  4. Mention all the details like address, e-mail address, phone number of the complaining party.
  5. The statement of the complaining party has a belief/faith that use of the content in the mode of complained of is not certified by the copyright owner, its agent or the law.
  6. The statement, under penalty of false swearing, that the data listed in this notice of copyright breach is correct and complaining party is certified to act on behalf of the owner of the rights which is allegedly breached.

23- Non-exclusive Remedy

Expiration or termination of this agreement, infraction or incomplete, will not limit the party from perusing other remedies accessible to it or not will be reassured of its responsibility to pay all fee that is due and owing under this agreement during the efficient date of termination. The party will not be responsible to the other for any damages resultant only from termination as allowable herein.

24- Waiver

Any kind of failure in the company to exercise or to make obligatory or rights/provision of this terms and conditions will not represent a written form of such provision/rights. If any provisions/rights will found invalid by the court of competent jurisdiction, the party not yet agrees that court should be an effort to offer the effect to the third party, purposes as mused in the provision and other rights/provisions of the terms and conditions will remain effective and oblige.

25- Complete Agreement

This agreement will represent the entire and especial agreement between the parties with the value of the subject matter of a concerning this overriding any prior agreements, communications or documents concerning about such subject matter. This agreement may simply modify/any rights, under it forfeited, by a written form of document that executed by company only. In this agreement, the right reserves to amend change or vary, but entirely remainders with the company.

26- Jurisdiction and Governing Law

It is elucidated that there is not any group/partnership/organization/joint venture/agency/employer-employee/ franchisee-franchiser relationship between user and company of the services. The users agree that despite any act or laws to the opposing, any cause of action, claim, originating out of or connected to use of this service or terms & conditions must be filed under 30 days after such claim or cause of action arose or barred for unlimited time.

The entire information of whatever nature found from the user is in good believe and is legitimate. The information is alleged to be true/ approved and complies with the laws of the property/land.

This agreement and any argument or dispute arising from the minor use of ghareli.com, that is governed by the laws of India and user and ghareli.com submit here the exclusive power of the courts at Delhi, India without any kind of conflict of law necessities.

27- Acceptance of Terms & Conditions with Acknowledgment

The terms & conditions looking here above that includes the entire agreement between the user and party and company and replaces all previous plans /agreement between the party regarding the subject matter included herein above. By finishing the registration process and /or checking the statement “I have read and accept the Terms of Use” box, indicates that you are accepting all the agreement listed here and to be bound by following all the conditions of the company.

It is constant effort to make ghareli.com as an effective and enjoyable experience for all the users. If you examine the behavior or material that may infringe one of the Ghareli’s terms & conditions, please give your suggestions. It will go a long way to improving our services.

28- Privacy Policy

Ghareli.com respects the privacy and security of the users and assures to give protection of it. The company collects the data through its various kinds of advertisement campaigns. This information is willingly offered by the users and collected in the database of ghareli.com. This information is collected from the database through the campaigns that are including the property details, address, user’s name, and emails. Ghareli.com uses the third party ads companies to serve or display their advertisement of different others sites for getting its prospective users/sellers/buyers. The data collected for the specific use of ghareli.com and it reserves the rights to allow access/contact to its clients for purchasing /selling the properties only. Any unauthorized sharing or use of the data by the third party will invite suitable legal action by the company against the mistaking party that includes the indemnification for the damages by third party claims.

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